Amity is multi-talented and has experience in many genres including Acting, Art, Digital Media Production, Voice Overs, Spoken Word, Dance Choreographer and  Performer.  Listed below are Amity’s services and links to her resume in each field.  Her services are available internationally and nationwide for corporations, television, film, fitness centers, luxury apartments/condos/highrises, dance studios, schools, camps, private groups, events/parties, weddings, etc.

Voice Over

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Visual Art

Art Gallery

Choreography/Dance Instruction


Amity teaches both group and private dance lessons and fitness courses to individuals, organizations, and corporations.  She teaches salsa, samba, hip-hop, Kuduro, tap, jazz, ballet, soca, afrocuban body movement, yoga, and pilates.  BUMBUM Caribbean dance fitness is her newest dance creation.  


Amity’s poetic form emcompasses abstract emotional parables.  Her poetry style is melodic, inspirational and paints colorful elements of life and humanism as an art form.  Engaging audiences from all walks of life, her words are an expression of all spectrums of life’s difficulties and joys; a walk into the human soul. enlightens and compels you to want to hear more.

Digital Marketing/Video Editing


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Virtual Assistant



Amity is the founder of One Word Productions, INC; a 501C3 non-profit performing arts and dance fitness organization that seeks to improve and coordinate the way we learn about physical education and the issues concerning the growing rate of obesity in America. We educate and train individuals to learn quality style and technique while improving their physical fitness in a fun and interactive environment.  Our obesity prevention program is a successful method of motivating inactive children and adults to stay in shape while having fun.